Monday, February 2, 2009

The Red Baron

New techniques (CGI) bring new possibilities to do films with aircraft not available any longer. “The Red Baron” from 2008 is one example of this and as an aviation and movie enthusiast, I’m always eagerly awaits new aviation movies. Unfortunately this movie suffers from the same problem as “Flyboys” from 2007, in that the massed scenes with aircraft in the air isn’t convincing, this both from directional and technical aspects. However, the movie points in the right direction and hopefully the CGI technique will improve quickly and that a good director comes along, who can make an aviation movie that truly competes with “The Battle of Britain” from 1969 as the best aviation movie.

Rating 3/5

Since Peter Jackson (“Lords of the Rings”) is a big aviation fan, perhaps he would be the right one to do a real epic about/with aviation?

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