Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Douglas Bader

Interesting article on Douglas Bader in todays Express:

Monday, February 15, 2010

Blackburn Skua & Roc (2007)

An interesting monograph about the FAA's first monoplane, the Skua, and turreted version Roc written by Matthew Willis in Mushrooms Orange Series. Well-written in the series typical style even if a little thin (i.e. none) on appendices with squadron use and claims etc, which had made the book excellent. Still a nice addition to the collection and recommended to any interested in the FAA.

Rating 3/5

Unfortunately it seems to have been sold out (it seem that I've bought one of the last on Amazon).

Gladiators over Norway (1942)

A small 42-pages gem from1942 written by Victor MacClure, who apparently interviewed a number of the survivors from 263 Squadron. The book covers the Squadrons operations during the two fateful campaigns in Norway in 1940. The name of the Squadron is not told in the book, probably due to wartime censorship. It's the same for the pilots but with little knowledge in the campaign and unit it is easy to decipher the nicknames on them. I'm slightly surprised in the honest way this British fiasco is described and thus it's interesting read. A very nice addition to my library.

A good start to read more about the pilots in the Norwegian campaign is my site at:

Rating 4/5