Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Bagration to Berlin: The Final Air Battles in the East 1944-1945

I’ve finished reading Christer Bergström’s “Bagration to Berlin’, which is his fourth and last book in his series about the air war over the Eastern Front in WWII for Classic Publications. This book covers the period from summer 1943 until May 1945. As with the three other books, this one is excellent, covering the operations from both sides. Together with the three others, it gives a very good overview of the air war on the Eastern Front and is a must for anyone interested in this area.

Rating 4/5


  1. Dear Håkan,
    do you have also volumes n° two and three of this series ? In case of affirmative answer, do they describe with a convenient level of details also operations of Regia Aeronautica?
    Thanks for posting the instructin on how to add comments.


  2. Dear Ludovico,
    Since I'm not at home right now, my answer is from memory but unfortunately the books coverage on the air forces allied to Germany (Finnish, Italian, Hungarian, Rumanian and Slovak) is very limited. The focus is on the struggle between the Luftwaffe and the VVS.
    Best wishes/Håkan