Monday, September 28, 2009

Ali Antiche no. 87 (2009)

The latest number of this Italian magazine produced by the Gruppo Amici Velivoli Storici includes as usual a number of interesting articles. The magazine includes translations to English of the main articles. This number includes an interesting article about the Caproni Ca.114 in Peru during 1935-1944. The Ca.114 was the "loser" in the competition for a new fighter to the Regia Aeronautica that was won by the Fiat CR.32. 12 aircraft were exported to Peru and used up until 1944. Another article covers the development of the Fiat 7002 helicopter from 1957 until the project was cancelled in the early 60's. The helicopter was powered with a "jet" configuration, i.e. jet efflux from the rotor blades tips. Recommended for anyone interested in the more unknown parts of Italian aviation.

Rating 4/5

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