Monday, May 11, 2009

Storming the Bombers, a Chronicle of JG 4, Luftwaffe's 4th Fighter Wing: Volume 1: 1942-1944

An English edition of Erik Mombeeck's book. The book has 242 pages and covers the operations of JG 4 from the establishment in 1942 until September 1944. The book covers the operations in a day-by-day account with all losses and claims made by the Geschwader. Unfortunately there is now attempt to verify either losses nor claims against Allied records. Especially interesting (at least to me) is the operations over Italy from 28 December 1943 until 1 August 1944 where the book partially covers a gap among my books. However, again no verification against Allied records nor anything about the Italian forces. A must for anyone with a deep interest in the Luftwaffe and a useful addition to anyone interested in the operations over Italy.

Rating 4/5

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  1. My late brother Daniel J. Delaney,Jr was a Bombardier on a B-24 bomber crew that was based in San Pancrazio,Italy from Dec 1943 through July 1944. The crew flew 39 sorties credited with 51 missions. Dan rotated back to the US and was assigned as a Bombardier Instructor at Big Springs, TX until war's end. The unit was part of the 15th Air Force, 47th Bomb Wing, 376th BG (Heavy), 512 Squadron. They never had a crewman injured, though their B-24 was holed hundreds of time by flack shells and bullets. They were most certainly likely to have been attacked by the JG-4 during their time in combat.

  2. Hello Edward,
    You don't have any dates when they flew missions? /Håkan