Monday, March 1, 2010

Hawker Hart Family (2008)

A book in MMP's Orange Series written by the expert on British 30's biplanes, Alex Crawford. As all his works, it is well-written and full of interesting and new images. The book covers the Hawker Hart, Osprey, Demon, Audax, Hardy, Hartbeeste, Hind and Hector with their service in various Air Forces prior and during the Second World War. As a Swede, I was particularly interested in the service of the Hart (Swedish Harts in combat: and Osprey in Sweden and this chapter is well written even if it's a little short (probably due to space limitations). The book has 172 pages with the story of the use etc and these pages are followed 84 pages with on various survivors and restoration projects for a total of 256 pages. Recommended!

Rating 4/5

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